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About Our Organs

Wicks is a full-service organbuilder. We pride ourselves on building high-quality instruments designed to be beautiful, insightful, and useful for the purpose for which they are designed. Having built more than 6440 organs for churches, chapels, concert halls, universities, homes, practice rooms, theatres, and hotels, the Wicks firm has a vast opus of organs for examination and comparison. Wicks has always been willing and able to adapt our methods and designs to meet the requirements of our customers. The instruments we build today are very different from those of 10, 20, or 60 years ago, but even in our all-digital models, we have retained the same quality and ideals that have made the Wicks name a standard in the organbuilding industry for a century.

Over the years we have transitioned from building all pipe instruments to now building some of the finest digital instruments and everything in between. Wicks is the only builder capable of continuing to meet such a variety of demands. By treating every customer with equal integrity, respect and paying attention to their exact needs, and by treating the design and construction of every organ with the same attention to detail and quality, we continue to provide beautiful and interesting organs to many ends of the market.

We are always careful to use the finest raw materials in our organs. This is the way we best ensure the quality and long term reliability of the completed instrument. This is apparent in the fact that many instruments from early in our history are still playing to this day, including our very first, Opus 1!.

Please click on any of the following Links for more information:

Direct Electricâ„¢ Action
Solid State Switching
Tonal Philosophy

For more information on our specific types of instruments, click the links below.

Custom Pipe Organs
Custom Digital Organs
Combination Organs
Royal Classic Digital Organ
Recent News:
Jul 21
St. Michaels Receives New Organ
Jul 13
Shrine Receives New Organ
May 11
Opus 6466 installation complete
May 11
Grand Court Organist plays St. James Wicks
Oct 31
St. James Cathedral
Recent Installations & Rebuilds:
FBC Simpsonville, South Carolina
6442 Cathedral of St. Helena, Helena, Montana
4400 Bethel Lutheran Church, Rochester, Minnesota
6435 First Presbyterian Church, Pitman, New Jersey
6434 First United Methodist Church, Hampton, Virginia
6430 St. Cecilia's Convent, Nashville, Tennesee

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